Raynaud’s Disease

It is a disorder of the flow in the small arteries (arterioles) of the extremities (fingers more often but also toes, ear, nose).

This disorder is caused by a narrowing of arterioles hence reducing their template and downstream oxygen lack. It is caused or contributed to by the cold.

This results in a bleaching of the skin (like a finger of death) followed after a variable time blueing, before resuming a nicer color.

Women are more often affected . This condition may be no known cause, it is true of Raynaud disease, it starts at a very young woman. It may begin later after 30 years and then often a cause, it is called syndrome . Raynaud It may be due to: A drugs: beta-blockers, ergot of rye, etc. .. A mini-repeated trauma: working jackhammer and other vibrating equipment, typists, computer keyboard etc … A loco-regional lesions carpal tunnel, cervical rib, herniated cervical disc, etc. .. A general diseases: cancers, systemic diseases: especially scleroderma and lupus Outside a balance sheet at search for a cause, review the basic nail capillaroscopy (microscopic examination of blood flow in a nail) will be normal in cases of Raynaud disease and disrupted if secondary Raynaud syndrome. treatment will that the cause if it exists. Otherwise drugs used dilating vessels:. calcium channel blocker, or nitroglycerin transdermal ginko biloba (? efficiency) In severe cases, surgery may be necessary: ​​sympathectomy, it is to cut the nerves controlling the closure of the vessels.

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