How To Sell Online with EgoPay

Do you know what is payment solutions that people use today while they want to run an online business? Instead of using credit card for internet and online transaction, people are using e currency nowadays. I believe that you have ever heard about payza ( alertpay), Paypal, Liberty Reserve, and so on. Today there is one popular e currency that you must try too. Because it is still new, then perhaps you are not so familiar enough for now. But I believe it will become the most popular payment solutions in online business soon. The name of this e currency is EgoPay. EgoPay is a Payment Provider which may give you an easy transaction especially on the internet nowadays. If you have already had registered an account in those online currencies such as paypal and liberty reserve, then I think you must also register a new account in EgoPay.

Don’t need to worry about the security of this e currency. I dare to guarantee that EgoPay is the safest payment solutions that you may find today. About security, EgoPay has been said to be very safe. EgoPay runs on a dedicated private server with tools with most advanced protection. Additionally your account will be secured with two key protections such as the login password and pin code that you enter every time you make a transaction. You will find a lot of advantages that you will not find in any other e currencies here. If you don’t know how to register EgoPay account, then you can try to follow these steps below.  Here are the steps to register at EgoPay:

  1. You open

  2. Click on “Create EgoPay account”

  3. Select Personal – fill in the email, passwords, PIN codes, security color, and then enter the code shown

  4. Check “Yes, I have read and agree to the following EgoPay …..”

  5. Click the “Sign Up” button

You need to remember and record the data that you have created earlier, and store it in a safe place. PIN code is required to login and do the transaction online. Therefore I hope you can keep it in your mind and don’t forget about it.

  6. If it is successful then the admin of EgoPay will send a confirmation email to you

  7. Go to your mail inbox and click the confirmation link given by EgoPay

  8. After that try to login to your EgoPay account accordance to the earlier data that you input when you register. If indeed then you have successfully created an account on EgoPay. The next thing you should do is go to your profile in detail and then reload the data in accordance with valid ID card. Create a secret question and answer that you’ll probably need. then click “Save”. Until here you have already owned an EgoPay account which can be used normally without the need to be verified. You can try all of the menus in the EgoPay account so you will know how to use it for while you want to do an online transaction whether for selling or buying products and services online. If you are a merchant and you want to know how to sell online then you can count on EgoPay e currency as your trusted payment solutions.

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