3 Steps for Skin Collagen Improvements


t is very important to follow certain procedures and use certain products to improve the skin collagen. This includes keeping a good tab on what you eat, with a good AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid) based exfoliation, exercise regularly and massage the skin. Here are the details on them:

To improve the production of the skin collagen, you must have a good diet. Two products food, which, according to the Health Centre will help to increase this production are soy milk and cheese. Other foods include cabbage and spinach. To strengthen your body and make it produce more collagen, Vitamin C is a must. There are many other healthy acids that help you build collagen production in the skin, and you can have vegetables such as beans or poultry Turkey. Fish or nuts, you can get omega acids and if your diet is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E, so you’ll have no problem with the level of collagen in your skin.

To remove dead skin cells from the surface of your body, it is very important that you exfoliate two to three times a week. As you remove these dead cells, it will allow healthy cells to grow in its place. Which in turn will reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines or wrinkles? For best results on skin collagen production, use exfoliatiors that these are alpha hydroxyl acid or AHA. Rub it gently on your skin in a circular motion and then wash with lukewarm water. According to Mayo Clinic, using facial creams that are copper peptides and kinetin will also help you boost your collagen production.

Another habit that you have to grow to stimulate collagen production exercises regularly. When you exercise regularly, it increases blood circulation. As the blood circulates well, it provides your skin with all the necessary nutrients that stimulate the production of collagen. So exercising regularly will not only help you maintain healthy bodies and it will also be sure you have a healthy looking skin, younger age. Similarly, getting facial massage also stimulates blood circulation of your skin, which, according to Live strong, will help you improve your skin produce collagen. It is not necessary to go to a professional to her all the time, you can also make yourself. Massage cream that you use, such as your anti-aging cream in a circular motion while applying fair.

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