3 Steps and The Influence of Acne

acneWe all know acne. Some may suffer from it. Some are deeply impressed by the food grown on the faces of others. Acne are the very thing that we hate and want to get rid of. However, it still polytopes in vain. Some professional cosmetic supposedly cannot help us either. We need a good understanding of acne.

Three stages of the formation of acne
Step 1: sebum and comedowns
when placing a function of hormone secretion at puberty, under the control of cancer of the adrenal and ovarian forms of sebum that will flow from the sebaceous glands located along each hair on the skin: seborrhea.
During this production is too high, the skin becomes oily when encrusted sebum in the pores, forming a dark spot: comedowns. Step 2: red pimples and pustules
and comedowns proliferate in the ordinary microbes of the skin (prop ionic bacterium acne) and fat in the skin is converted into fatty acids. At this stage, the acne becomes inflamed, forming unsightly red bumps and then becomes infected, pus-filled pimples are pustules are.
Stage 3: formation of cysts
finally, cystic acne can worsen swelling and pustules forming hard nodules infected purplish well integrated. At this stage the lesions leave scars if appropriate treatment is not implemented quickly.
Influence of acne
Acne affects 75% of young people aged 13 to 18
Acne is a widespread phenomenon, affecting nearly three-quarters of young people aged 13 to 18 years. Around 18 years and is balanced skin acne disappears spontaneously. However, in about 20% of cases it can persist into adulthood and can last as long then as it is a hormonal secretions, until menopause.
Acne is rarely experienced by many teenagers
We must understand that young people of this age are fragile, that the psychological impact of this disgrace is important and that some young people were disfigured by their acne depression that must be corrected.
Acne can leave scars
Finally, important or not acne mishandled can leave permanent scars whose salaries are random.

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